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Richard Bach
Richard Bach is an explorer who roams through this world, taking with him everyone who is ready to let go. I read Illusions on an idle afternoon since I had nothing better to do. Well, that was some years back. Curiously, I still haven't found much better things to do! Did Illusion changed my life? No, not in any major way. But it did change the way I perceived life. And more importantly, it made me feel at peace with myself.(Now isn't that a major transformation? Well...) Then I read The Bridge Across Forever and I knew, I could never turn my back on any Bach book. Nor have I needed to. From his journey through the small towns of America, searching for a lost spirit in Nothing by chance , or his hyper-realistic roaming with Leslie in One , or through his attempts in Running from safety to come to terms with his childhood nightmares, I always felt privileged. There are few works that make you feel proud, for being able to appreciate them. I will always rate Richard Bach's works high amongst them.

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