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Measure your buck Quotient

(Thanks in advance for wasting your time!)

Q1: Who is the Chief

ibl asuph buck ssm None

Q2: Who is the Nurse

salonii karma silent melody Crimson None

Q3: Who is the Mad Queen?

salonii karma ice princess another1 None

Q4: Who is the Queen of heart?

Silent Melody Fizo Ardra Dogmatix None

Q5: Who is McMurphy?

IW IBL asuph buck None

Q6: Who is Yossarin

ananth ubermensch uber goober IBL None

Q7: Who is Dunbar?

ananth IW ibl tocsin None

Q8: Who is Trillian?

Scarlett Fizo El Enigma Silent Melody None

Q9: Who the $$$$ is Alice?

El Enigma Crimson Salonii Ice princess None

Q10: Who is Dooba Hua?

cheti void kculon ssm None

Q11: Who is March Hare?

IBL ananth cheti beach bum None

Q12: Who is Doc Daneeka?

kculon bottled-imp cec tocsin None

Q13: Who is Hatter?

cheti void ibl asuph None

Q14: Who is Orr?

ananth IW kculon doh None

Q15: Who is the Dutchess?

another1 ardra salonii dogmatix None

Q16: Who is the New Nurse?

Salonii Ardra Crimson Silent Melody None

Q17: Who is the Flinch?

peppy silk scout gentle sunshine None

Thanks for taking the Quiz
McMurph Kush Hua