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The quest

Looking back at the scattered past
And roads to many a futures
One question still haunts me
And the reflections of its answers guide me ....

Navigate me through the chaotic worlds of choices
Protect me from the shocks of failures
Strengthen me for the battles to be fought
With the demons within and without

What do I want from my life?
What am I spending this lifetime searching for?

Is it a friend I can count on
In every decision of my life?
Or it is a love that won't fade away
As the time passes by...

Is it an illuminating flame of knowledge
That won't stop giving light?
Or is it that enchanting serenity
That fills up every void ...

Is it harmony with the nature
And with my own soul?
Or is it the passion of mind
And everything it stands for?

Is it the fundamental certainty
Which will pay its own price.
Or is it the eternal truth
That's worth dying for ...

Copyright © 2000 Amit Phansalkar