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It's not seldom that dreams become a reality. And when they do, nightmares become unreal. Couple of years before, I wrote this piece Demons and Angels on a particularly rainy day, when even the immediate future, was unclear, just like anything outside the window. But, life was immensely forgiving, and I found my angel, rather soon.

Exactly two years back, on this very day, it happened. No, nothing in the air told me something's gonna happen. I didn't hear any sounds -- bells or otherwise. It wasn't a particularly distinct day either. The destiny didn't feel like telling me anything. But still, I knew deep within, this is it -- this is Love ! And I proposed her. And she said yes! It's not seldom, that dreams become a reality...

  It's two years already! So much has happened in those two years.

We got married on Mar 23, 2001 -- a simple civil marriage -- in Mumbai. Life however, has been anything but simple. Maybe, it's just destiny's way of giving us the sign. To be fair to the destiny, though, the difficulties brought us closer; the tough times strengthened the fabric of our relationship.

Years back, when I wrote Soulmate, I had a vaguest conception of the concept. There are instances where it started to crystallize. And in that moment 2 years ago, it finally materialized; no that's not the word, I know. What do you call a process by which an idea is substituted by a person; when it becomes impossible to think about an idea without seeing the person? I don't know, I don't want to know.

  Together at Mulshi       For me, on that day, the idea found its destination. It just vanished into Sayali. Today, when I feel I'm wandering away from the best within me, her innocent smile brings me back. If there is something I've learned over the last two years, I've learned how much that smile means to me. And how I cannot ever afford to lose it!

Two years is just a beginning. There is a long way to go, we keep on telling each other. But when the air smells a little sweeter, when the grass looks a little greener, we know we're getting there..

- Amit (Sept 3, 2002)