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Shreeyash Palshikar
What's the Buzz all about?

Dangerous and challenging objects interest Shreeyash enough for him to lie on a bed of nails and have a cinder block smashed on his stomach with a sledge hammer. His unique shows have enthralled audiences around the world. From the wide eyed Indian villagers to disabled children, cynical college students, presidents and royalty, all have been spellbound by the show of sheer artistry combined with sharp wit and vanishing objects.

Brilliant silk scarves change colors, fly about and vanish. Playing cards rise mysteriously out of the deck in a spectator's hand, are kissed, stabbed, and even burned. Ropes untie themselves, coins dissolve on command. Thoughts of the spectators are divined and the future is predicted in a variety of startling and entertaining ways. He effortlessly juggles and manipulates flaming devil sticks, torches, daggers, cigar boxes and even rubber chickens. Ancient Indian illusions are given a fresh lease on life with his experimental, almost surreal approach intermingling traditional effects with modern mysteries. Shreeyash successfully combines authenticity with complete mystery and leaves the spectator startled and amazed. He tailors his shows to the audience and event- kids shows contain more colorful visual magic while adult shows come to life with fire, knives and his disconcerting ability to read minds.

Shreeyash's deep scholarly knowledge of magic adds touches of clever insight to an already astounding performance. His shows can turn any event into a moment you'll always remember because he changed the way you saw things- right before your eyes.