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Warm Feedback -- around the Globe

"He is not your everyday abracadabara man."
-The Times of India
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"A show that's sure to charm audiences as well as snakes..."
-Chicago Weekly News

"Palshikar handles the flaming devil sticks like a demon straight from hell!"
-Teller (of Penn and Teller)

"A more physically challenging kind of performance"
-The Amherst Student

"Thanks for all you did to help make the TV Land booth at NCTA in Chicago a HUGE success. I appreciate your being there for us!"
-Clark Shannon, MTV

"Your juggling demonstrations were enjoyed by all and played a great part in adding to the festivities of the day."
-Boris Oglesby, Kraft Foods

"Thanks so much for your fantastic performance of Indian magic and juggling. Your dynamic performance was immensely entertaining and your stamina(considering the hot weather!) was just amazing. Children and adults alike were just mesmerized with your talents!"
-Mary E. Malloy-Rhee, Village of Hanover Park