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        Ayn Rand was a philosopher-novelist who burst onto the literary scene in late fifties with her book The Fountainhead . The theme of this unconventional book is, " Man's ego is the fountainhead of man's progress."

The book is about an architect Howard Roark   who refuses to live on anyone's terms but his own. The book generated a tremendous outrage from all kinds of intellectuals as it epitomized Individualism   and   egoism . In fact Rand faced many problems publishing the book as it was rejected by 13 publishers. The reasons: "It is too intellectual, It won't sell", "The characters are unreal ", and so on. But it did sell, and became a bestseller!

Rand followed The Fountainhead by another masterpiece Atlas Shrugged . This incidentally, also was a statement of a new philosophy Objectivism . With Atlas also in best seller list, it was hard for the intellectual community to ignore Rand.

After Atlas Rand did not write any Fictions . But she followed it by a series of Non-Fictions . Her non-fiction writing was so prolific that four volumes of her writings were published after her death in 1982. Through her novel, Ayn Rand portrayed a world that mystified many a readers, I'm just one of them.

Objectivism as a philosophical movement is growing, especially on net.

Non-Fictions of Ayn Rand:

  • The Virtue of Selfishness
  • Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
  • The Romantic Manifesto
  • For the new Intellectuals
  • Voice of Reason
  • Introduction to Objectivist epistemology
  • The new left: Anti-Industrial Revolution
  • Ayn Rand Lexicon - Objectivism from A to Z

Fictions of Ayn Rand .

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