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Who Am I anyway?  

I am Amit Phansalkar, a citizen -- as they say-- of the world; of a world torn by fanatical ideologies and religious extremism, war and violence, racial prejudices, excessive regionalism and dividing patriotism. A citizen? Or just a refugee from a world which was destroyed by these very curses; a world where peace at least had a chance, and was not just a matter of pacts, where human life was not cheaper than Uranium, or lines in some scripture, or a directive by some government.I came from a remote place Solapur (Maharashtra) , in a nation - India- that was one of the best in the world, because it had culture; a culture which was ready to absorb things from other cultures, but robust enough to retain its identity; a culture which did not require self-proclaimed guardians to exist; a culture rich, diverse and broad. A culture which still exists somewhere, lost in the weeds of fanaticism, and hatred.   

The only mission in life is to search for that lost world, through the trails it has left in people, when they are left to be themselves, to think, feel, and judge on their own, free from inhuman hatred in the name of religion, race or nation. 


So the question who am I is still unanswered! Well see if this helps:  
Family Background Is that really relevent?
Educational Background
Schooling H.D. HighSchool (Solapur)
Jr-College Walchand College of Sciences. (Solapur)
BE(CSE) Walchand Institute of Tech. (Solapur)
M-Tech(CSE) IIT Bombay 
Some Nickname  
        (Given  By Batchmates)
Pain, Dhakkan
Job With Veritas India (Pune)
Future Plans Hmm. Buy Microsoft by winning money at Las Vegas casinos.  
More realistic? Know myself.  
More realistic? Find peace of mind and happiness.  
More realistic? Why make them at all?
My Thoughts About Life Are scattered through the whole homepage. 
Summary: Serenity, Explorations, Adventures, Relations, 
Creation, Awe, Ecstacy, Inquisition, Passion, Sacredness. 
Interests(Other than academic) Life, Universe and Everything.
Summary: Philosophy, Psychology, Music, Writing, Reading,
Poetry, Anthropology, Etymology, History, Science, Trekking,
Talking, Humour, Sports, Eating, Cooking, Sleeping, Films, 
Driving, cosmology, evolution, techno-sociology, neuroscience et al.
Special Interests Getting wet in rain, Sitting quite on a hilltop or seashore/lake,
Watching sunset and (if I could manage ) sunrise,
Walking barefoot on grass, Drinking beer on a hot afternoon.
About My LifePartner Sayali Mahashur 

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